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Azure Dive Resort Now Open

The Azure Dive  Resort is a tropical haven tucked away neatly at the small, sleepy town of Dauin, Negros Oriental. It sits on a sprawling 1,620-square meter terrain that gently slopes down to a sandy stretch, just before it merges with the warm, coastal waters of the Bohol Sea. At first glance, the two-storey white building, hardwood posts, and indigenous cogon roofing will already distinctly place you on the Philippine map. The resort was conscientiously built with the Filipino heritage in mind; a special touch of the Filipino culture can be experienced within its unassuming spaces.

The Azure Dive Resort is the quintessence of the Filipino spirit—warm as the inviting blue waters of its private beach; gracious as the palm fronds that bend in the breeze. The unobtrusive presence of a highly-trained staff ensures efficient service and utmost privacy for all guests. The rooms were designed to mimic the comforts of a modern Filipino home, providing tranquil private spaces to retreat to at the end of each day.

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