Years of Living Dangerously



Collapse of The Ocean -Years of Living Dangerously -Natgeo

Please mark your calendars!  Finally on Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 10pm on NatGeo channel, Years of Living Dangerously episode on “Collapse of the Oceans” will air in the Philippines. This is the episode where Dumaguete & Apo island are featured together with Dumagueteno Rene Juntereal and Apo Island native Cenon sharing the spotlight with actor Joshua Jackson raising concern and awareness about how climate change and global warming are affecting the livelihood of the fishermen in the island.

Azure Dive & Yoga Resort is honored to have contributed a small part in this urgent issue about climate change in relation to the health of our oceans and the marine ecosystem. Being a “Distinctly Filipino” resort, we are proud to have been the accommodation of choice by the National Geographic crew while filming in Dumaguete and Apo Island.

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